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How Covid could be the 'long overdue' shake-up needed by the aid sector

The Observer 05 Feb 2021
But a lot of south-south cooperation is not money but time. Brazil’s health officials go to Mozambique ... And the current aid model means not enough money goes to local and national responders, said Harpinder Collacott, executive director of Development Initiatives ... We saw incredible use of mobile money.

'We're going to save lives': aid groups look to end of Trump's 'global gag rule'

The Observer 24 Dec 2020
The policy prohibits overseas NGOs that receive US funding from using money sourced elsewhere to undertake any work related to abortion ... Organisations receiving PEPFAR (President’s emergency plan for aids relief) money for HIV work in South Africa, Eswatini, Kenya and Mozambique  changes to and the closure of some programmes.

In post-cyclone Mozambique, lots of aid but little reconstruction

The New Humanitarian 16 Dec 2019
In Praia Nova, a shanty town in Mozambique’s port city of Beira, the cyclone has long past but the damage remains as visible as ever ... Mozambique’s post-cyclone problems multiply. Mozambique sustained an worth of damage after back-to-back cyclones – Idai in March and Kenneth a month later – made landfall.

Searching for the nexus: It’s all about the money

The New Humanitarian 03 Dec 2019
But amid doubts around how to turn plausible theory into doable practice, the biggest barrier of all could be money – both the amount, and the way it’s spent ... After the Mozambique cyclones, Sida money paid for humanitarian response as well as immediate planning for longer-term reconstruction needs ... It’s not just about getting money out.”.
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