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Exploring the world of animal trafficking

Monterey Herald 04 Apr 2021
In hindsight, Will Staples realizes he’s always been a writer ... He wasn’t a writer; he just liked to write ... Through his travels, Staples learned about money laundering in South Africa, visited poaching villages in Mozambique, and went to a genetics laboratory in Pretoria, where DNA profiling and a DNA database are used to protect endangered animals.

Africa: With terror groups intensely fixated on Africa, security outlook feels gloomy

The North Africa Journal 01 Apr 2021
By Didier Lauras – From the arid expanses of the Sahel into the Sinai Peninsula and now Mozambique, Africa is proving fertile ground for jihadist groups looking to bolster their notoriety by ... In Mozambique, for example, “IS is not necessarily supplying weapons or money.

UK court ruling a setback for Mozambique in $2bn debt scandal

Business Day 11 Mar 2021
Mozambique's claims against shipbuilder Privinvest, at the centre of a $2bn debt scandal, fall under an ongoing arbitration process, Britain's appeals court found on Thursday, in a blow to Mozambique's efforts to remove its liability for part of the money.

Explainer: Activists, drug groups split over suspending COVID-19 shot patents

Metro USA 10 Mar 2021
Industry contends that appropriate patent protections ensure that private investors have an incentive to pump money into research and development ... Two decades ago, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe issued compulsory licences for HIV/AIDS drugs, followed by Indonesia, Malaysia and ...

How Covid could be the 'long overdue' shake-up needed by the aid sector

The Observer 05 Feb 2021
But a lot of south-south cooperation is not money but time. Brazil’s health officials go to Mozambique ... And the current aid model means not enough money goes to local and national responders, said Harpinder Collacott, executive director of Development Initiatives ... We saw incredible use of mobile money.

'We're going to save lives': aid groups look to end of Trump's 'global gag rule'

The Observer 24 Dec 2020
The policy prohibits overseas NGOs that receive US funding from using money sourced elsewhere to undertake any work related to abortion ... Organisations receiving PEPFAR (President’s emergency plan for aids relief) money for HIV work in South Africa, Eswatini, Kenya and Mozambique  changes to and the closure of some programmes.

South Africa wins Newton prize for ocean science and food security

Mail Guardian South Africa 08 Nov 2020
The innovation bridge facilitates active research flow between the Global North and Africa, with regional projects including South Africa, Tanzania, Somalia, Mozambique, Comoros, Madagascar, Kenya, Mauritius and Seychelles ... Now they want to look at the marine ecosystem challenges facing Mozambique, and the Newton prize money will be used for this.

ISIS operating on a military scale in Africa as it aims for territory and riches

The National 29 Oct 2020
The assault demonstrated the growing boldness and ability of the IS Central Africa Province, which is based in Mozambique with ambitions to establish itself across the region ... The capabilities of the Mozambique terrorists has risen sharply ... "The terrorists are sent money, which buys their loyalty and leads to a spike in regional violence.”.

Turning crisis into opportunity

China Daily 19 Oct 2020
China-Mozambique friendship is growing stronger as they jointly fight against the pandemic ... Non-governmental public welfare funds, Chinese enterprises in Mozambique and overseas Chinese business people also lent a helping hand, donating money and materials to help the country control the pandemic ... The author is the Chinese ambassador to Mozambique.

Total mayhem and a 'climate bomb' in Mozambique

Frontline 15 Oct 2020
Even as the French multinational firm Total stands accused of setting off a “climate bomb” with its construction of a natural gas project in Mozambique, the East African Crude Oil Pipeline threatens to result in large-scale evictions and job losses in the region ... France has a military base off Mozambique’s coast on Mayotte island.

No ‘I’ in team – but there is an ‘EA’

Mail Guardian South Africa 26 Sep 2020
This is small money, but globally gaming is competing with Hollywood for star potential, money and influence ... Another board member, Rafieck Mohammed, says the league has received a lot of exposure in Africa with teams from Mauritius, Mozambique and Angola.

Mozambique's jihadists and the 'curse' of gas and rubies

BBC News 17 Sep 2020
Mozambican troops are failing to recapture a port town from Islamist militants which is important for developing one of the largest natural gas reserves in Africa, as the country - three years into an Islamist insurgency - becomes yet another "resource-curse" state, writes Mozambique analyst Joseph Hanlon.

Alcohol and junk food companies are exploiting the pandemic

Open Democracy 10 Sep 2020
From marketing beer with pandemic lingo to giving money to governments, a report argues that corporate capture of COVID-19 is putting lives at risk ... In Uganda, the government praised Coca-Cola as a “long-standing partner in health causes” after it donated money and trucks to the health ministry.

Report: Ammonium nitrate behind Beirut blast traced to Hezbollah-linked bank

Cleveland Jewish News 23 Aug 2020
It was Grechushkin who then ordered that the Rhosus make an unscheduled stop in Beirut on its way from Georgia to Mozambique, claiming he did not have enough money to pay for passage through the Suez Canal and so needed to pick up more cargo in Beirut destined for Jordan.